Basement Overhaul – Renovation

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House which was located on a hill with cinder block basement walls had serious mold issues. Water was primarily seeping in from the footer. The house being on hill one would not suspect it would. What we found was clay underneath. It made good for stability for the house foundation, but did not do good for water drainage.

We did two things to address this. We had all the water from the down spouts diverted to 4 inch PVC piping to the curb. We also installed drain tile. We did a complete overhaul to this basement. Electrical panel and wiring got updated. Found old water line to contain lead so we installed new water line. While we were at it, installed new sewer line too as the old one was showing signs of impending issues.

All plumbing changed out from galvanized to copper. Remediation of mold and a major HVAC duct overhaul. Installed new windows. Made a designated laundry area. Concrete overlay flooring for the main area with epoxy flooring for laundry area. LED can lighting and a whole lot more.

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