Time For Bathroom Remodeling

When you need a new bathroom

First clue is when your families house and lifestyle resembles the picture below 😉

Next!!…oO Perhaps someone needs another bathroom or remodel? 815-985-0310

With the busy lifestyles, growing families and downsizing of homes, one bathroom does not cut it anymore. A lot of houses may have a second

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Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling What To Expect

Having a Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling job done, can make a home look more up-to-date. Usually it is the first location in a house to be remodeled. For some great ideas on how to begin your project, you can rely on the trusted knowledge of professionals.

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Buyer Beware of Remodeled Flips

Tale of a friend who had bought a remodeled house flip

I got a call from a friend to investigate a leak from the roof to their son’s bedroom. Apparently the roof has been leaking for awhile and the ceiling was showing signs of dropping. While I was there it had been noted that the

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Remodeling Options For Today’s Bathroom

While making plans for your renovation it would be a good idea for you to go over all your options: Would a shower tower instead of a mixer or power shower suit you best? Do you want a regular or a low-flow toilet? Do you want an under mount or a counter mount sink? Do you want to invest in some added water or heat conservation fittings that will help reduce your bills?nsform your home and give it a much more modern look.

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DIY Guide To Toilet Repair

DIY projects can be fun and rewarding. Nothing more satisfying than ‘A job well done’ right? It’s easy, after all isn’t that what all the hype is on home shows? Do it fast and do it right…Do It Yourself and save a bundle. Come on, we are all like this in one form or another. What we fail to realize is that the total project may cost far more from lack of experience than to hire that professional.

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