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Here are a few other various home improvement and repair projects Freedom Builders & Remodelers has done

  • Kitchen Remodeling
Stairs - Staircase Rebuilds

A few of my staircase rebuilding adventures. Some of these stair rebuilds are full while others are covers with modifications to make a nice finished product

Basement Staircase Update

Basement staircase update we did while doing a basement finish job.

Tin Ceiling

This tin ceiling was originally intended for the kitchen part only. Home owner called us back to extend it over the entire dining room too. I dedicated a whole gallery just for this. Tin ceiling parts came from W.F. Norman

Window and Siding Repair

My painter buddy called me up one day and asked if I would come deal with this siding and window rot. These alterations were done by the late husband of the homeowner. There was more than just a rotted window and some goofed up siding. Needless to say, we dealt with it and fixed the front to make it look like it has always been that way. Then we basically rebuilt the side wall of the converted porch, installed a new window, cedar siding, rewired the inside to code, insulated, new drywall versus the existing paneling and a new ceiling. It wasn’t a complete rebuild, but close.

Room Addition Header and Trim Job Fix

Here I got a call to finish trimming this addition opening out, Upon removing the botched trim, I discovered the header and lintel wasn\'t right or code. So I made it right and trimmed opening to give it a nice finished look. Homeowner was very pleased with the result.

Dry Bar

Quick and dirty dry bar for a basement including tile floor

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