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Structural Recycling is Green

Where renovation of an older building makes more dollars and recycling sense than tearing down and building new. Isn’t this what some people had in mind about the old historical Rockford Amerock building? Recycling: Turning the old into something new Reusing existing structures is recycling at its best. Not only is the embodied energy preserved, […]

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Remodeling Options For Today’s Bathroom

Out With The Old Bathroom And In With The New It is not often that you can go into a house these days and see a bathroom made after the model used a couple of decades ago. Bathrooms these days enjoy a variety of options for every item they contain and the renovation of one

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How To Work With Your Contractor

Are you in the process of planning to remodel your home? If the answer is yes, here are some tips on how to establish and maintain a good working relationship with your remodeling contractor. Of course you believe you’re a reasonable, understanding person with whom anyone would be happy to work. However, if you’ve never

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