10 Basement Renovation Ideas

The basement is a place in many homes where families congregate and come together as one. Basement renovation is a great way to incorporate something for everyone in the family other than another bathroom. Whether it is a series of games, electronics or areas for kids, remodeling the basement can be fun and at the

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Green Mold in Basement

Quoted from http://moneypit.com/print/1005:

Green Mold in Basement

By Tom Kraeutler

Created 02/17/2009 – 14:01

Dear Tom and Leslie:

Green mold is growing in my basement. It is growing on furniture, boxes, plastic tubs, etc. I am afraid to even check all my videos. What is this mold? My landlord is bringing in

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Basement Remodel Musts

Every homeowner finds that at one point or another they need more space. Where to get more space? You can push outward–building an addition–or you can do as the Zen masters advise, and you can look inward. Look inward? Yes, if you own a home with a basement, there is your space. For most homeowners, the basement is nothing more than a repository for junk, and of course a place for essential services such as a furnace and water heater. There is no reason you cannot clear the junk and build a cozy family room, media room, or auxiliary bedroom or den.

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Home Remodeling Best Bang For Buck

Given the vast improvements in materials, you can replace your inefficient 10-15-year-old products with highly efficient ones for a decent return when you sell. In addition, the improvements help you save on heating and cooling bills. Replacing leaky windows with highly efficient newer ones is a good example.

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Choosing A Contractor For Your Home Renovation

Every one wants to live in a home that they feel comfortable in. If you are buying a house or if you are intending to sell then you should consider hiring a contractor for a home renovation. Even though there are many contractors out there that perform renovations it is very important that you take the right steps to find someone who is suitable for renovating your home.

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