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10 Storage Area Ideas

Small homes can be charming, but all that charm can offer unique challenges, especially in the storage department. That’s why those who love small houses have to get creative! These ideas can help you find the hidden storage options in your home:

  1. Build a storage area underneath the stairs.

    That dead space underneath the stairs would make a great bookcase, built-in chest of drawers, and even a wine rack.

  2. Long sitting benches in the hallway double as great storage units.

    A long, high bench can offer deep storage options while adding space to sit and rest a spell.

  3. Try a floor-to-ceiling bookcase at the end of the stairway landing.

    The large bookcase offers not only great storage, but a nice way to showcase your favorite things.

  4. Consider a “through the wall” bookcase.

    A bookcase that fits into the middle of a wall, with sides open to two rooms instead of one, turns your actual wall into unexpected storage space.

  5. Lift up your beds!

    Put your beds on 12-inch risers, then use the space underneath for handy clothes trunks and rolling storage bins. You can have plenty of extra space without doing any construction on your home.

  6. Look up at the ceilings.

    A long shelf about a foot below the ceiling, or a shelf tucked right over a door can make for great storage of those little things you like to display, but really can’t find the room for elsewhere.

  7. Make space do double-duty.

    Does that breakfast nook fit the kitchen perfectly, but your office area is a bit too close for comfort? Consider moving breakfast to the eat-in kitchen and turning that area into your office. It might not be the most conventional plan, but it’s a creative option!

  8. Opt for cabinets with built-in storage features.

    That lazy Susan in the corner cabinet or that fold-out pantry beside the sink are all unexpected ways to make unused kitchen spaces work for your storage needs.

  9. Make creative use of your attic.

    Create a small playroom, office area, or built-in bookcases that fill the entire attic knee space.

  10. Look inside your closets.

    Do you have space for shelves above the clothes racks? Consider installing shelves, boxes, and other storage options to your closets to hold the odds-and-ends that don’t seem to fit in well anywhere else.

Make creative use of your small house by incorporating storage into the most unlikely of places. When it comes to small houses and lots of stuff, don’t be afraid to think outside the box!


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