Small Basement Remodeling: Things you need to know for a successful project

Whether you are living in Rockford, Roscoe, Rockton, New Milford, Loves Park or just anywhere in the Stateline Area, one thing that you share with most Illinois homeowners is having to live with limited space. Often, many homeowners look beyond what is available and end up unnecessarily breaking the bank. Though home additions can add value to your home and enhance quality of living, why resort to this when you still can achieve both for less the cost? The key to efficient use of space is maximizing what is readily there, thus making a small basement remodeling project a smart home improvement move to undertake. Shallow shelf lined closet. Standard base cabinet (lower right) serves as sit at counter and hides water meter

Even if your basement is huge or small in terms of total area, success of the project inevitably lies in properly following several essential steps.

• Before anything else, you should already have established what finish you want to result out of your small basement remodeling project.

• A well-defined plan will be a crucial tool that could spell the difference in both the functionality and attractiveness of the newly spruced up space.

• For optimal usability and comfort, repair and waterproofing issues should first be solved. And to further ensure that the project finish lasts for the longest possible time, implement preventive measures to avoid future problems with moisture which means providing proper insulation, ventilation, and others.

Working on finishing the basement, with all its typical characteristics, is already challenging. Add limited space to that and your project is taken into a higher level of difficulty. Though the task may seem tricky, you just have to stick with universal dos and don’ts in small basement remodeling to bring out the most functional and beautiful finish and overall result.


• Do maximize use of natural and artificial lighting. This can be done through installing fixtures offering radiant lighting and widening or changing windows.

• Do not choose dark colors for your walls as it will only make the small basement remodeling finish seem smaller than it already is.

• Do provide innovative storage solutions that are not only compact but also provide efficient organization.

• Do not choose bulky furniture and fixtures, choose taller models which not only provide a touch of sleekness but also help to avoid crowding the room.

Quality craftsmanship, together with the type of project, is a crucial factor that adds considerable value to your home and can determine the amount of return on the investment you’ll be getting at resale time. This and other reasons, makes hiring a qualified Northern Illinois contractor the best course of action. Why local? Availing the contracting services Freedom Builders & Remodelers of Rockford, IL, Loves Park, Machesney Park, IL, Rockton, Roscoe, New Milford, Winnebago, IL or those based in your areas would be beneficial in terms of communication and faster action in case of emergencies related to the project. Hiring Freedom Builders & Remodelers as your local contractor, the project will take just a fraction of the time and effort you allot for DIY. In a time you will see and enjoy the result of your small basement remodeling project. In the long run, our skills and expertise of us as your local basement remodeling contractor will prove to be more valuable than the money it costs

Shawn Warren is the owner and chief operator of Freedom Builders & Remodelers; a remodeling company serving Rockford, IL & surrounding areas. Shawn is an EPA Lead Certified Renovator. He is personable and conscientious of the project surroundings, client’s lifestyle, privacy and treats each job as if it were his own.

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