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Makeovers; they seem to be the popular trend in today’s society. Television is full of series whose premise is based on dramatically changing the look of a person, a room or an entire home. Some of these shows revolve around major changes, while others involve simple cosmetic changes. There is no room in the house that people want to make over as much as the kitchen. The kitchen update or makeover  is generally a dream of any forward thinking homeowner. While the kitchen is the costliest room to makeover, it also is the room that adds the most resale value to the house. kitchen makeover

Many of the top people in home remodeling industry feel the kitchen is the pulse of any home. A kitchen makeover not only gives the home a whole new boost and a new center of focus, it also allows the homeowner to put their own stamp on the home. Keeping practicality in mind, the homeowner can design the kitchen to reflect who they are. The kitchen makeover is the homeowner’s signature that the house is now their home. There are so many advantages to remodeling a kitchen, and there are just as many questions that arise when the homeowner decides to tackle such a project.

The first step in your kitchen makeover journey is to determine a budget. The budget will allow to see, just what you can (and cannot) afford to implement in building your kitchen. Yet determining your budget is just the first step of your journey. In addition the homeowner must prioritize the importance of each aspect of the project. Should the money be spent on appliances or cabinets? Should the importance be placed on countertops or kitchen flooring? These are questions that one must ponder before actually proceeding with the project.

After you have determined your budget and your priorities, you need to decide how you would like to lay out your kitchen. In a simple makeover, perhaps some or every item is replaced, but the general layout or design of the room will remain the same. In more complex kitchen makeovers, the design of the kitchen can change dramatically. Often times on projects such as these, outside professionals are needed. It may be in the form of a kitchen designer or an architect. These may be costly options, however, it is difficult to tackle a project without the expertise that these individuals bring to the table.

There are so many options on each and every aspect of kitchen remodeling that the most important thing that one must do is to shop around. From online options to discount stores, to designer shops, the options and pricing can range from affordable to outrageous. Shopping around not only helps maximize your budget, it also is a great starting point for other ideas. The more one sees the more that they learn and nothing is better for a kitchen makeover than an educated homeowner.

The most important thing that needs to be remembered when turning your existing kitchen into your dream kitchen is to know what your kitchen is for. Homeowners often forget that the purpose of the kitchen is cooking, storing food and gathering together. While the kitchen should reflect your personality and add charm to your home, functionality is still foremost. Make sure that the kitchen renovation not only makes sense to who you are, but perhaps who others might be.

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