Design Principals Fro RemodelsIn the interior design of any building, there are several key factors that must be kept in mind. By sticking to the fundamental tenets mentioned below, most of the major issues will be taken care of. All of them play a significant role in the appeal of a place, though they may be used in different ways in various situations.

Unity: According to this, the whole space should be dealt with as a single unit, which has been partitioned through walls, and this must be taken into account while designing the interiors of the place, which therefore should have some consistency. The core theme must always be kept in view.

Balance: This deals with the optimal spread of different objects in an area. It is crucial to put objects with similar visual character at cautiously chosen positions to get that ideal balance from a particular point. There are three types of balance. The simplest one to accomplish and the most conventional one is symmetrical balance. The second kind is asymmetrical balance, which is very much in vogue, but requires a lot of creativity. The third kind of balance is radial, where you select a proper center and position objects relative to it.

Proportion: This deals with the relative dimensions of things in an area. It is crucial that different articles are in sync with each other and with the room in terms of proportions. Lack of proportion will cause imbalance that will adversely affect the look of the room, as some objects will be over emphasized while others will not receive enough visibility.

Focus: A focal point in interior design of a space is essential for its attractiveness. Focal objects can be anything ranging from a furniture article to an attractive painting or some other art work. It is important that this object be in line with the design of the overall room and that it has an impression on the observer. It must be appealing without appearing irrelevant in the room.

Rhythm: This is again a necessary factor of good interior design. The design must seem to flow as per a pattern from one point to another. This can be attained through the use of arcs, patterned walls or floors, through decorations or furnishings, and through alternating colors or shapes.

Interior designing of a space will be consistent if these fundamental principles are taken into consideration. It is recommended to engage a good interior design expert who can take care of all these factors and also assist you with the details.

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