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Designing the most functional kitchen cabinets should take into account the size of available kitchen space and proximity of appliances in relation to where the cabinet will be positioned. The size, including depth and heights is also a factor.

The installation of cabinets will require the top cabinet section to be secured to the walls. A corresponding bottom cabinet supports a counter top. The cabinet style should work in line with the counter top, kitchen fixtures, type of floor and appliances being used.

Kitchen cabinets can come in pre cut kits that can be assembled and installed by the ambitious home owner or by skilled craftsmen. An alternative to the kits would be the cabinet doors only, which are designed to simply replace existing cabinet fronts.

Some cabinets of custom design are also available for purchase and installation. Many kitchens have had painted cabinets stripped to the natural wood. They have been sanded, wood stained and varnished, providing an attractive change in the kitchen.

Providing storage space for food items and kitchen equipment should be the primary concern when planning the layout and design for cabinets. The best plans make sure there is sufficient space to store the regular items and that the location of the cabinets provide accessibility and organized storage.

For example, there should be sufficient shelves for glass dishes and bowls to be kept together, a cabinet for glasses and cups, and one for pots and ovenware. There should also be several shelves for canned goods and other perishables. Most new homes have pantries which allows the cabinet space to be used exclusively to store kitchen ware and food items to be in their designated area.

When the decision is made to replace cabinets, the price may be a determining factor. If you want to change your cabinets but are economizing, some pre cut kits are available for a reasonable cost. These kits are made of pressed board and are faced with wood grain material. For a durable replacement and one that will last a while, consider spending a little more money for a product that is of better quality.

A well thought out plan for kitchens will ensure that it is equipped with cabinetry that is functional as well as eye pleasing. When designing the most functional kitchen cabinets, make it a point to consider that there will be adequate space for all possible storing variables.

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*pre-cut refers to manufacturers such as IKEA and the like

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