Out With The Old Bathroom And In With The New

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Out With The Old Bathroom And In With The New

It is not often that you can go into a house these days and see a bathroom made after the model used a couple of decades ago. Bathrooms these days enjoy a variety of options for every item they contain and the renovation of one affects both its appearance and performance.

No matter what style you may opt for, remodeling your bathroom can be a rather expensive project. The good news is you can expect a return of 70 to 90 percent of the money you spend remodeling it should you choose to sell your house, not to mention you get to enjoy your brand new bathroom in the meantime.

You can change most everything in your bathroom, no matter if it’s the shower or the tub, the sink or the toilet, the lighting or the tiling. If your budget can afford it, you can redo the whole room from top to bottom, if not, you can limit yourself to changing the fixtures only.

While making plans for your remodeling it would be a good idea for you to go over all your options:

  • Would a shower tower instead of a mixer or power shower suit you best?
  • Do you want a regular or a low-flow toilet?
  • Do you want an under mount or a counter mount sink?
  • Do you want to invest in some added water or heat conservation fittings that will help reduce your bills?

Finalizing The Scope For You Bathroom Remodeling Project or Renovation

Once you’ve evaluated the options, prioritize what you’d like to have out of your new bath. Having a list with these changes will afford you a clearer picture on how much money it will take to complete this project and what items you can do without to avoid going over the budget. Even though you will not be able to afford heated towel bars to go along with your new electric shower, this should not be a problem since you can always have them installed later on.

When you are done with the planning and the budgeting try to seek out the expert opinion of a contractor. You may be good at doing handiwork around the house, but the remodeling of a bathroom is not something you want to take on by yourself. It is not only the lighting, fixtures and colors that you will have to consider, but also the tiling and the floor covering that you want to see in your new bathroom. A healthy and hygienic life entails the use of recycled and renewable products that do not have a great impact on the inner and outer environment.

Once you’ve explained to your bathroom remodeling contractor what expectations you have from your new bathroom in terms of appearance and performance, they will be able to better advise you about what products would suit you best and how they should be arranged in the room. Also your plans may suffer some alterations once a contractor has had the chance to look over them, as they may present you with several options for the important changes on your list that will make room in your budget for the lesser ones. See our bathroom remodeling & renovation FAQ

You should get used to the idea that you will have to part with several thousand dollars. Many minor renovations cost $10,000 and a more luxurious remodeling project will be even higher. You may also what to see Bathroom Remodeling vs Renovation. There is a difference between the two.

As you will find out with the passing of time while rejoicing in the comforts of your new bathroom, a great part of the money you spent will be recovered and the job will last.

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