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Basic ADA Kitchen Guideline

In relation to my post Home Additions That Make Good Financial Sense   How can I create a handicap accessible kitchen? Center on three things. Center on accessibility to storage spaces, pantries and cabinets. Prioritize mobilities of the wheelchair. Vitally important is the space in front of and alongside appliances. Arranging your kitchen work space […]

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Home Improvement and Remodeling Video

Home Renovation – Remodeling Video

This is from a home renovation project that was quite extensive. I hadn’t nearly enough detailed pictures to grasp the full scope of the many things that were changed and transformed. Kitchen, bathrooms, basement, windows, doors, living room, dining room, family room and more. We can do this for You too! 815-985-0310 or Contact Us

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Make A Professional Remodeler Choice

10 reasons why choosing a professional remodeler is the right long term affordable choice. No job too small or too large. You see this a lot, especially with small one man shows and even handyman services, but are they qualified? Capable? Professional? You may be thinking of that small modest remodeling project you want done.

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20 Cost-Cutting Ideas

By Better Homes and Gardens Shocked by the bid for your kitchen remodeling project? Use the following tips to trim expenses on cabinets, flooring, and more while still getting a great look. Low-cost fix-ups The kitchen’s role has expanded over the past century, growing from an out-of-the-way service area to a room that’s central both

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Kitchen & Bath Special Surfaces Care

Many of our clients frequently ask how to properly care for their countertops and floors. So here are a few tips just for you… Laminate Countertops: Do use a nonabrasive, all-purpose cleaner. Rinse with water, use cotton cloth to dry. Wipe up immediately to prevent discoloration. Don’t flood the laminate. Water penetrates seams, causing swelling.

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