When you need a new bathroom

First clue is when your families house and lifestyle resembles the picture below 😉

Need a bathroom remodel
Next!!…oO Perhaps someone needs another bathroom or remodel?

With the busy lifestyles, growing families and downsizing of homes, one bathroom does not cut it anymore. A lot of houses may have a second bathroom but may only be a half bath – a bathroom that only has a sink and toilet. Let’s face it, if you have a couple of growing kids, especially teenagers, then you know of the stress and use a bathroom gets.

Time for a new bathroom or a bathroom remodeling project to make existing work

You have two primary options:

  1. Create a new bathroom – Build a new bathroom in the home or put in an addition with a bath
  2. Remodeling an existing bathroom to make it work – Change the structure of an existing bathroom and enlarge to add needed features.

See an example here in Bathroom Remodeling is Art


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