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Replacing windows can improve your home’s appearance and lower your heating and cooling bills, but is it a home improvement project you feel comfortable about doing it yourself? The answer is a resounding maybe. Here are a few things you might want to consider before you decide to forgo hiring a home improvement and remodeling contractor and do the installation on your own.

Are You an Experienced DIYer?

Safety is first! Extremely important consideration with any home improvement project. Many installations often requires a helper, especially when working with double windows or on a second floor. Installation can also involve:

  • Working on a ladder
  • Removing and installing easily breakable glass
  • Carrying heavy materials
  • Using sharp tools

If you are an experienced DIYer, you might consider installing your own replacement windows to be just another day at the office, but if you are a novice DIYer, it might be safer & cost effective watching a contractor install your windows and using the project as a learning experience. Experienced contractors are able to to the job efficiently and in much less time.

What Does Your Replacement Window Installation Involve?

Some replacement installations are a little more DIY friendly than others. Many homeowners change window styles, types, or sizes during a project, and these changes can involve framing, drywall, and exterior siding modifications. Other homeowners choose replacement windows that fit their existing window openings, and the installation simply involves removing the existing window and sliding the new window into place.

An uncomplicated replacement project may be suitable for a novice DIYer, but a replacement that requires framing or structural changes might best be handled by a window contractor, especially if a building permit is needed.

Window Warranties

Many contractors work with specific window manufacturers and are trained in proper installation techniques. If you have problems with a replacement window after it has been installed, you may have better success at having the warranty honored if the window was installed by a professional.

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