Kitchen Remodeling and Renovations

Kitchen remodeling can consist of updating fixtures, hardware, cabinets, countertops to expansion of existing footprint and rearranging the existing kitchen layout. Kitchen renovations are generally gutting of the existing, most often to deal with underlining issues and bring everything up to code.
Oftentimes an extensive kitchen remodel will include renovations.

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wheelchair accessibility

Basic ADA Kitchen Guideline

In relation to my post Home Additions That Make Good Financial Sense   How can I create a handicap accessible kitchen? Center on three things. Center on accessibility to storage spaces, pantries and cabinets. Prioritize mobilities of the wheelchair. Vitally important is the space in front of and alongside appliances. Arranging your kitchen work space […]

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20 Cost-Cutting Ideas

By Better Homes and Gardens Shocked by the bid for your kitchen remodeling project? Use the following tips to trim expenses on cabinets, flooring, and more while still getting a great look. Low-cost fix-ups The kitchen’s role has expanded over the past century, growing from an out-of-the-way service area to a room that’s central both

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Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

Finding just the right cabinets for your kitchen remodeling project may seem like quite a daunting prospect at first – especially when you start looking and realize just how many different options are out there. There are some factors you might want to consider to make the choice easier though and to help ensure that

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Recipe For The Kitchen Of Your Dreams

There are many recipes for creating cakes. Some are simply straight forward while others are culinary works of art highly pleasing to the taste and eyes. How are these masterpieces created and what do cakes have to do with my kitchen remodeling & renovation? Creating a kitchen isn’t any more complicated than creating a cake.

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Rockford IL Home Improvement and Remodeling

Call a remodeling contractor that is preferred among home owners, and is the finest cost effective improvement option to buying a new home to perform these services for you, Freedom Builders & Remodelers. We are experts at  bathroom remodeling, basement remodeling, kitchen remodeling, Decks, Window replacements,  Door replacements, ADA accessible upgrades, home additions  & more!

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