Kitchen Remodeling and Renovations

Kitchen remodeling can consist of updating fixtures, hardware, cabinets, countertops to expansion of existing footprint and rearranging the existing kitchen layout. Kitchen renovations are generally gutting of the existing, most often to deal with underlining issues and bring everything up to code.
Oftentimes an extensive kitchen remodel will include renovations.

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Creating A Handicap Accessible Kitchen

Is a spacious and open feeling kitchen area your design objective? It may be necessary to remove or replace a wall, or counter. Modifying one aspect of your kitchen can make the kitchen significantly more user-friendly. Changing an island or peninsula counter, or relocating an appliance can make all the difference! How do you make […]

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5 Remodeling Projects with the Highest ROI

Summertime is the busy season for home improvement While American consumers remain in bargain shopping moods, indications are that 2011 will offer opportunity for the remodeling industry. A 2010 nationwide Angie’s List poll showed most members are planning home improvements. On average, those plans call for projects that will cost nearly 5 percent of their

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Getting The Most From Your Kitchen Cabinets

Designing the most functional kitchen cabinets should take into account the size of available kitchen space and proximity of appliances in relation to where the cabinet will be positioned. The size, including depth and heights is also a factor. The installation of cabinets will require the top cabinet section to be secured to the walls.

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Great Upgrades For A Modern Kitchen

If you are ready to do a home improvement project and wondering what part of your house you should remodel, improvements to your kitchen will have the most significant impact. Household members are always using this room, which is in the heart of the home; consequently, kitchen upgrades will have the biggest impact on the

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