Bathroom Remodeling and Renovations

Bathroom remodeling can consist of updating fixtures to expansion of existing footprint and rearranging the existing bathroom layout. Bathroom renovations are generally gutting of the existing, most often to deal with underlining issues and bring everything up to code. Oftentimes an extensive bathroom remodel will include renovations.
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Time For Bathroom Remodeling

When you need a new bathroom First clue is when your families house and lifestyle resembles the picture below 😉 With the busy lifestyles, growing families and downsizing of homes, one bathroom does not cut it anymore. A lot of houses may have a second bathroom but may only be a half bath – a …

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Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling What To Expect

Having a Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling job done, can make a home look more up-to-date. Usually it is the first location in a house to be remodeled. For some great ideas on how to begin your project, you can rely on the trusted knowledge of professionals. See our Bathroom Remodeling & Renovation FAQ There are …

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Buyer Beware of Remodeled Flips

Tale of a friend who had bought a remodeled house flip I got a call from a friend to investigate a leak from the roof to their son’s bedroom. Apparently the roof has been leaking for awhile and the ceiling was showing signs of dropping. While I was there it had been noted that the …

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Remodeling Options For Today’s Bathroom

Out With The Old Bathroom And In With The New It is not often that you can go into a house these days and see a bathroom made after the model used a couple of decades ago. Bathrooms these days enjoy a variety of options for every item they contain and the renovation of one …

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